A sustainable hospitality.

At HBS Hospitality, we own and operate high quality hotels that enable our guests, associates, and communities to thrive. Through our unique capabilities, finely-tuned service standards, and development of strategic programs, we create value for all of our stakeholders across our uniquely positioned branded  hotels. We embrace environmental and community stewardship as an integral part of maintaining and building a successful business. To best put this vision into practice, in 2018 we conceptualized and developed a proprietary corporate program, HBS Cares®, that encompasses a triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability. Comprehensively, the program delivers environmental and conservation initiatives that positively impact our hotels’ bottom lines while simultaneously improving the well-being of our guests, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

EnvironmEntal Impact

Our approach to environmental preservation allows us to identify unique opportunities, implement innovative initiatives and drive strong results that reduce our environmental footprint. When it was created in 2011, the HBS Cares program began the process of tracking and managing our energy, water and waste impact. Today, we have sophisticated and reliable systems in place that allow us to collect detailed information and limit the resources we consume. We analyze and share this information with our operational teams and the relevant agencies in the cities where we do business and take a comprehensive approach to determine which projects to implement to improve our performance over time.
We recognize our guests also play an important role in creating an environmentally sustainable community and business. To that end, we offer guests the opportunity to help us in our mission by providing information and inviting them to participate in initiatives such as in-room recycling and the choice to opt-out of housekeeping at specific hotels.

community Impact

As a company with hotels across the U.S., we see ourselves as local members of each community where we do business. We believe the communities we serve are integral to our long-term success. When our associates show dedication to their communities by volunteering time, raising money or donating items they no longer use, they enhance the vibrancy and quality of the community.
Community is one of HBS’s core fundamental to our long tradition of social responsibility and community engagement. This tradition began with HBS’s founders and continues today with the hbs cares program. In 2018, HBS’s hotels and corporate offices supported organizations in our local communities. We also honor our deep commitment to our communities by dedicating time and talents. In 2017, our associates volunteered as mentors to future leaders, cleaned up parks and waterways, and provided items for food and clothing drives. In the past year, HBS associates donated over  thousands of items of clothing, linens, books, toys, and school supplies to charitable organizations in our local communities.

Financial Impact

We believe being responsible stewards of our communities and environment is an integral part of maintaining and building a successful business. Through HBS Cares, hbs is able to drive incremental value through energy-savings initiatives with measurable and timely returns.
We continually implement portfolio-wide energy savings initiatives such as energy efficient lighting and guestroom energy management systems. A majority of hbs hotels have now converted to LED lighting. LEDs are more efficient than incandescent and florescent lighting and have a much longer lifespan.
Additionally, we continue to install guestrooms energy management systems across our expanding portfolio. These systems reduce energy consumption while rooms are unrented or unoccupied, saving our hotels 25-35% in heating and cooling costs.

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